Your Rügen vacation: a very special island experience.

Welcome to Looks guest houses – we’ll help to make your Rügen vacation an unforgettable time. For families with and without kids, for grandparents with and without grand children, for singles, couples and travel groups.

Our location – a vacation with fabulous views.
We’re located on the Mönchgut peninsula which has an area of 29 sq. km on the southeastern tip of Rügen, an island in the baltic sea. The Bodden salt marshes separate Mönchgut from the open sea and our village of Klein-Zicker is a part of the spa town of Thiessow. Göhren and Baabe are also well known spa towns located on the Mönchgut peninsula.

Klein-Zicker – a vacation in the most beautiful middle of nowhere
Klein-Zicker is surrounded by water on three sides. A wonderful and very unique location. Follow the hiking path to the top of Zicker-Berg for a panoramic view. Look down on the Greifwswalder Bodden salt marshes with it’s romantic natural beach and Zicker Lake. Discover spectacular cliffs, beach views and the local fishermen’s harbor. Soft hillsides and headlands stretching out into the marshes and the baltic sea. You’ll spend your vacation in the most remote part of the island, which also happens to be the most beautiful part. Fishermen’s houses with thatched roofs in the old village center, fresh fish served in rustic restaurants, a tranquil little town and all the famous baltic sea spa towns just a short drive away.

Recreation – stay active in any season
There’s no boredom around here with so many recreational activities to choose from. Long walks on the beach, bicycle rides, boat tours, just exploring the island or the neighboring towns of Gross-Zicker and Gager – there’s something exciting to do for everyone. Take lessons at the local surf camp or just enjoy perfect waves at the southern tip of the island in you’re an experienced surfer. Besides the chalk cliffs at Stubbenkammer and Kap Arkona’s steep coast line, Mönchgut is the most beautiful place on the island.

The farm – an educational vacation
A farm with meadows and fields has been part of our property for generations. In our stables not only horses Peter and Knut are waiting for visitors big and small – there’s also a family of sheep and lots more animals. Hop on the carriage and show your kids how potatoes are being harvested. More than just another vacation – but a fun way to learn new and exciting things, especially for city kids.